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Inspirational Power Speech

In today’s world of continuous improvement, continuous change in organizations and the race for the best brand, customer or product, people have less space for personal reflection. In the eternal cycle, they focus on their own weaknesses, shortcomings and sales statistics.

Therefore, it is worth finding a space to meet with a man who is living proof that you do not have to be perfect to reach the impossible. His speech is full of authentic stories and examples of how consistently and with the power of dreams focus on what we have. It targets people to reflect on their own lives, careers and self image in the organization.

The vital message that it is worthwhile to introduce the obvious truths of life helps people look at their work from a completely different perspective.

Sample Speech Topics:

1. You do not have to be perfect

2. Impossible is impossible

3. End with complaining


Lukasz Krason – motivational speaker, author, television expert, member of the Professional Speakers Association and co-founder of the project “Get up and Ride”. From 7 years on a wheelchair due to muscular atrophy. Then he began to educate and practice what today is the inspiration for thousands of people: courage, faith in oneself, patience, stubbornness and ingenuity.

For almost 5 years of his activity as a speaker he spoke practically throughout Poland, but also for Poles in the United States, England and the Netherlands. Successfully inspires company employees or conference participants (eg. during events such as the 6th Silesian Medical Fair, dedicated to managers of medical institutions discussing the shape of health care in Poland).


Power Speech lasts from 30 to 60 minutes and is always tailored to the target audience. The presentations are suitable for small groups (about 10 people) as well as for very numerous groups.

In addition to knowledge, our speeches are characterized by their authentic and emotional character. The whole is always so constructed that the participants feel free, and the inspiration is forever.

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