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Lukasz Krason


By all that I do I am challenging the current version of the world.
I believe that to enjoy life we ​​do not need to be perfect, and our strength is closer than we think. I challenge the world by creating and giving inspirational speeches and content, after which nothing is the same.

Lukasz Krason

Lukasz Krason – motivational speaker, author, member of the Professional Speakers Association, “fulfilling dreamer”.

Luke’s life quickly gained momentum. At the age of 7 he landed in a wheelchair. Then he began to develop and practice what today is the inspiration for thousands of people: courage, self-confidence, patience, persistence, ingenuity, positive thinking.

He learned to listen to people, plan and act. And when he was ready to take a big step, his true love appeared – Gosia. Although at the very beginning few believed it, in September 2011 they lived together in Barcelona. Neither physical shortcomings nor stereotypes nor worse days could stop them.

In Barcelona, ​​Lukasz discovered the mission of his life and his new profession. He became a motivational speaker. After returning to Poland in October 2012, he began to realize his vision – less complaining about his fate and more motivated people in Poland and in the world. He spoke on one scene, among others. With Brian Tracy, Kevin Hogan, Peter Sage and the biggest polish speakers like Mariusz Szuba, Jurek Owsiak, Jacek Walkiewicz. In 2013 he designed and with a group of friends completed the National Bike Conwoy Get up and Ride.

Because realization of dreams Lukasz Krason has in the blood, spent the last two months of 2014 in the United States, where he realized his own Motivational Tournament for Poles. A total of 11 meetings in 5 different states. He also spoke in England and the Netherlands, giving rise to great emotions and encouraging participants to reflect deeply.

It also inspires company employees or conference participants.

What is the content of his speeches? Luke says that you do not have to be perfect to achieve what you want in life. You do not have to be perfect to work effectively to be motivated, happy, appreciated or fulfilled. You do not have to be perfect to build a real relationship. He calls for the weaknesses to try to eliminate, and if for some reason we are not able to achieve this, to make them our advantage. And it is also a living proof that what he says is possible.

Lukasz Krason helps people to discover value and realize dreams while showing that it is a waste of time to complain. And managers and entrepreneurs prove that there is no problem that is greater than them. He helped tens of thousands of people in Poland and abroad strengthen their spirit and self-confidence and reach for what seemed unattainable to them.

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